Recovery of payday loans – Confession of a compulsive loaner

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Recovery of payday loans – how I was turned into a human wreck. But what specific payday loans? Continuation of the confession, the first part of which can be read here

In addition, non-bank installments. For some time my achievements changed my life into hell …… or rather it did payday loan collection. Although at the beginning I tried very hard.

I paid, refinanced, tried to live a normal life, but to live “NORMALLY” you need to take more and more loans. Everybody knows how it works and knows the rules perfectly at autopsy. But not everyone knows how the recovery of payday loans can ruin the psyche. 

If you can’t pay your debts, that’s crazy

If you can

When I decided to trust one of the debt relief companies and when I heard that I should pay nothing to any loan shark because that’s the only way I can get out of my debts, I thought: they went crazy. How can I stop paying ??? God, it’s going to be even worse than it is, I don’t think it’s fair that they make me do something that may end badly for me.

Total abstraction, unacceptable to me, but I did it, I adapted to the recommendations. The first month passes quite gently, of course, there are telephones, SMSs, and e-mails but I think that as soon as there is such a hunt I will manage. Nothing of that. The debt collectors were just getting started …

The second month, for me the phone after phone, call blocking application is necessary but in my head, there are persistent thoughts that I can’t do it and that they are encircling me.

I also thought all the time that there are few people with a problem like mine, so it’s easy for them to oppress those few debtors. That recovery of payday loans only has my crosshairs.

Recovery of payday loans corners me like hunters hunting. I talk to GFI, breaking the rules of the debt relief plan.

I think: God helps me, I can’t do it, what documents? What do they want from me? Let them leave me alone. The next day goes by the same way, the fear of collecting payday loans even greater, coming home and waiting. And again, nothing happens, I do not get new news about the visit postponed, but mentally I am tired, constant fear destroys a person. I don’t eat, drink, sleep or talk with my son the next day – suicidal thoughts are starting to get worse.

The collection of payday loans under various names begins to arrive on my phone: and many more whose names I do not even want to remember. And each of them works on the same principle, as the recovery of payday loans wants to degrade the debtor and force him to pay the debt. Which of course has no funds, so you have to borrow them. And thus deepen your debt loop.

Everyone writes hundreds of e-mails, hundreds of SMS messages, but only to mentally lead a person to the bottom so that he does not stop being afraid because the recovery of payday loans is heavier, they will find me at home at work and if I want to avoid it I WILL PAY. But how, where from,

Debt relief company


I won’t go and steal, so what should I do? For fear I stopped listening to my guardian’s instructions from the debt relief company, in December just before Christmas I called you back from GFI.

I once read about a book written by the owner of this company, who told so nicely that they meet the debtor, reach out their hands, want to help that the debtor who pays even small amounts gaining in their eyes and then you can get along. Total crap … I am calling, redirecting me to the person servicing my debt, the beginning of the conversation ok – I think that there is nothing to be afraid of.

But we come to the point where I say how much I can pay back and I hear that the creditor will absolutely not agree to my offer. ” Breaking my resistance, Mr. from the debt collection company GFI notes that I will pay USD 200 by the end of the day and then at least USD 500 every week.

I am powerless, the Lord does not listen to my words at all, as if escaping into space, and I am just a poor debtor, I have nothing to say. And either adapt or … well – or GFI will flood me with emails about the visit of two field debt collectors with cameras or telephones to neighbors.

They will call several times a day and the neighbors will come to me asking: who is this? What is it? what did I do? Shame and humiliation. I deposit USD 200, although I can’t afford USD 500 every week. This is how debtors’ psyche breaks the recovery of payday loans. Suddenly it turns out that GFI is already charging me for another 2 loans.

Currently, a woman takes care of the matter, I call and say: do what you want, I have nothing to pay off 15,000 in a month. Because they wanted so much from me …